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Analyze Arabic verbs and see all possible vocalization based on sharf theory.

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Arabic Root Conjugator

Conjugate Arabic root to active, passive, and imperative with all pronouns. (Advanced Users Only)

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The Arabic verb analyzer will find every possible vocalization based on sharf theory. Every result will show it's weakness, subject, tense, voice, etc. You can even analyze non-realistic verbs as long as it matches the Arabic verb patterns.

The Arabic root conjugator will conjugate Arabic root with selected type. It conjugates to Perfect Active Tense (الماضي المعلوم), Imperfect Active Tense (المضارع المعلوم), Perfect Passive Tense (الماضي المجهول), Imperfect Passive Tense (المضارع المجهول), and Imperative Mood (الأمر) with all subjects.

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