ArabicVerb.com is a project of Dars.io Education. We are trying to help Arabic learners through this website. The main features are its analyzer and conjugator.

The Arabic verb analyzer will find every possible vocalization based on sharf theory. Every result will show it's weakness, subject, tense, voice, etc. You can even analyze non-realistic verbs as long as it matches the Arabic verb patterns.

The Arabic root conjugator will conjugate Arabic root with selected type. It conjugates to Perfect Active Tense (الماضي المعلوم), Imperfect Active Tense (المضارع المعلوم), Perfect Passive Tense (الماضي المجهول), Imperfect Passive Tense (المضارع المجهول), and Imperative Mood (الأمر) with all subjects.

It has 987 Arabic verb roots in the database. Every root may have more than one derived forms, there are 1640 derived forms, or we just call them with real verbs.


Shorof Praktis "Metode Krapyak", Muhtarom Busyro

معجم تصريف الأفعل العربية, مكتبة لبنان ناشرون

QAMUS: Arabic Lexicography, Tim Buckwalter, http://www.qamus.org/

The CJKI Arabic Verb Conjugator, http://www.cjk.org/cjk/arabic/cave/cave.htm

معاجم: نأتيك بنسغ اللغة, http://www.maajim.com/

المعاني: لكل رسم معنى, http://www.almaany.com/

Detected Bugs

#1 Salah harakat pada wazan fiil madhi dhamiir antum.(FIXED)
#2 Hasil asing muncul pada pencarian dengan kata kunci "حيّ".(FIXED)


v0.1 : 18-12-2014 - Initial Release
v0.2 : 12-1-2015 - Fixed Bug #1 and #2 and another bugs
v0.9 : 03-2-2015 - Moved from Dars.io Tashrif to ArabicVerb.com

To-Do List

[ ] Add more roots and their derived forms
[ ] Restructure the App with Object Oriented structure

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Arabicverb.com is a project of Dars.io Education. We are trying to help Arabic learners through this website. If you find this site useful, please donate via PayPal or Credit Card.

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