Arabic Verb Analyzer

Input your query in the form, you may input verbs in:

  1. Perfect Active Tense (الماضي المعلوم),
  2. Imperfect Active Tense (المضارع المعلوم),
  3. Perfect Passive Tense (الماضي المجهول),
  4. Imperfect Passive Tense (المضارع المجهول), and
  5. Imperative Mood (الأمر).

Cautions :

  1. Aleef ( ا ) is not the same to hamza ( أ / إ ). Entering "أدخل" will give you different result from entering "ادخل", so do "سأل" and "سال".
  2. We did not support subjunctive active tense (المنصوب المعلوم), subjunctive passive tense (المنصوب المجهول), jussive active tense (المجزوم المعلوم), and jussive passive tense (المجزوم المجهول) yet. They might be available in future release.

Sample queries :

  1. دخلت
  2. وعدوا
  3. يتكلمن
  4. سكنا
  5. استغفرن
  6. أخرج